Prophy Magic’s CR Rated Disposable Air & Water Tips By Prophy Magic.

The disposable market is flooded with non-reputable companies, out of country manufacturers direct, private label small air and water syringe tipsdistributors and inferior products. This causes rates per unit drop tremendously which in turn causes bad products getting into good people’s hands.  The online world has really opened the door for these types of distributors to penetrate the dental market and even win over some dealers with their prices. How many times have you said, “it’s disposable, go with the cheapest ones you can find”? Ask yourself how well that’s worked out or how many disposable units do you need to use to get through one procedure? Is the head ache worth penny’s you save? Not in most cases.

When selecting an air and water syringe tip for your office there are a few things to keep in mind beyond price.  You want to make sure you buy from a reputable company that guarantees quality and effectiveness. You also want to make sure the air & water syringe tips you’re using are not just effective but safe for your customer.

Prophy Magic (PM) is known as the King of Prophy Angles. Most of the dental world knows PM for handpiece deals when you buy their CR Rated Prophy Angles. While that’s true PM Also carries the top CR rated Air & Water Syringe Tips. Some the key things that differentiates the PM lineup of syringe tips are its quad air core design that effectively separates air flow from water eliminating a crossing effect ensuring when you need air it’s air and when water is needed you’re getting it with solid pressure. The PM Air & Water Syringe Tips also feature a two-piece construction which provides a snug locking system, unlike most, that harnesses right to the orings and eliminate dripping at the connection. Talking about orings, the beveled ends on the PM Air & Water Syringe Tips provides protection for both the orings and your patients mouth at the same time.  Top rated construction, safety for your equipment / patients and amazing low costs is what you get with Prophy Magic.

At you can see both the CR Ratings on the PM Air & Water Syringe Tips but can also see how to buy them for likely less than you currently pay. Everything PM offers is based on the more you buy the more you save.  The PM Air & Water Syringe Tips come in a nice rainbow color arrangement and white with a metal interior. Both are priced the same and available in both bulk deals in lieu of a free handpiece or by them selves as low as $.15 / unit.  The more you buy the more you save and with the bulk deals you can even get them as a free incentive.  See more information about the PM Air & Water Syringe Tips @