CDC Regulations on Handpieces

CDC Regulation Handpieces

Is Your Office Compliant? The CDC cracking down on sterilization Handpieces continues…

Handpieces and other intraoral instruments that can be removed from the air and waterlines of dental units are considered semicritical devices. In addition, studies show that the internal portions of high-speed handpieces and low-speed handpiece motors can become contaminated and that it is possible for retained patient material to be released into the mouths of subsequent patients.

Therefore, handpieces and other intraoral instruments should be removed from the air and waterlines of dental units, cleaned, and heat-sterilized between patients. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, lubrication, and sterilization. Do not surface-disinfect, submerge in liquid chemical sterilants, or barrier-protect these instruments because these methods cannot adequately clean, disinfect, or sterilize the internal components.

These instruments include, but are not limited to, high-speed, low-speed, electric, endodontic, and surgical handpieces, as well as all handpiece motors and attachments such as reusable prophylaxis angles, nosecones, and contra-angles.


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