High Speed Handpieces are also known as drills in the dental world. This tool is a powerdriven handpieces that has speeds of 400,000 rpms and up. The drill is of course used to drill holes for fillings and to assist in other types of dental work like polishing dental trays for dentures and more. Many manufacturers use the same type of model, making dental handpiece repairs across brand and brands an easier task.

Don’t be fooled buy inexpensive high speed solutions….There are several factors to consider when picking out the right high speed handpiece for your dental office. Weight, head angle, ergonomics, adaptability and ease of use. The one thing that is hard to establish is durability. It’s a unseen factor that is critical in evaluating a high speed handpieces. Because many of them look alike many manufacturers and resellers use well know brands to describe them in their marketing material though it can be misleading.

Made is China, Korea, Mexico, Israel, Europe, Japan or even the USA….This can be a factor in deciding which handpiece you go with but you’re still guessing to a degree. Japan and parts of Europe (Germany Specifically) are known for making quality handpieces but it’s still hard to determine what parts are coming from either respective area. Made is the USA still doesn’t necessarily mean made 100% in the USA.

So what’s important when picking out a high speed handpiece? Where is it made and where are the parts coming from? How easy are they to repair? What is the down time while in repair? Is this handpiece actually able to sustain the pressure and heat from continuous autoclaving to meet the CDC recommendations and how many do I need on hand to keep my operation working?  What are the RPM’s and Torque on a respective high speed?

Prophy Magic features two types of high speed handpieces from the US.  Elements of these handpieces come from other parts of the world but are assembled and quality checked here in the us. PM offers two head types. One in PM Magic Air Adult Head with 400,000 rpms of power and a slightly higher torque rating for heavier use. The other is the PM Magic Air Pedo Head boasting 420,000 rpms of power, reducing stales on lighter work.

They use ceramic turbines and are chair side replacement.  Ceramic prevents overheating and warping and chairside means anyone can swap out the turbines eliminating down time in your practice.  Both PM high speeds are ergonomically sound, lightweight and come with a small circular wrench for replacing turbines with ease. Priced at $210 per unit they are a no brainer and if you buy more you save more. Check them out at http://www.prophymagic.com/product/magicair-highspeeds/  .  If you’re concerned about the CDC Recommendation on autoclaving between every patient, check out the PM lineup of handpieces and find out how to get them free when you order CR Choice Prophy Angles. Also check out the Atom, the most powerful microhead on the market at www.prophymagic.com