Prophy Magic (PM) is well known for its bulk deals, CR Rated products and FREE incentives on hygiene products. It’s grown in the last decade into being recognized as a leader in prophy angles and hygiene handpieces.

When this virus started in Asia Prophy Magic saw this issue coming and pulled off a miracle. Working in dental for decades it knew what demand was coming to the US and assisting customers was the first priority. With that came a comprehensive development and implementation of infectious control items.

The demand is across the board and not even the largest groups are able to get the products they need for the safety of their practice and patients. The largest distributors are having to ration to service as many of the vast customers they can which is leaving most short or without necessary PPE that are required to handle emergency cases. This concern will continue as practice procedures has changed and will continue to for years to come so finding new supply channels within the various medical fields will be ongoing.

Prophy Magic has supply, is bringing innovation and will continue to grow its infection control division. The current inventory of Level 2 Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Face Visor/Shield, Coveralls, Digital Thermometers, and standard Face Shields are going out faster than they are coming in. The good news is the Infectious Control division is growing, bringing in more and more supplies every day. Need basic amounts of supplies to keep your practice open see our webpage: and feel free to reach out for volume needs and delivery parameters.